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Steve Celius

My name is Steve Celius, working for BV Network AS, working primarly with my to most favorite systems; CodeResort and EPiServer.

This blog will mostly have CodeResort and Trac related content. You probably also want to check out the Official CodeResort blog and my colleague Odd Simon Simonsen's blog.

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  • Posted: 2008-01-18 13:58 (Updated: 2008-01-18 15:23)
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Introducing CodeResort Client Tools

On my free time, I do some work on the CodeResort Client Tools, a set of tools allowing access to your CodeResort (and Trac) projects from Windows applications. The applications are written in C#, using .NET Windows Forms and talk to CodeResort using XmlRpc. Really cool!

At the moment the toolset consists of:

  • A Wiki editor, allowing you to edit Wiki pages with some formatting support
  • An attachment uploader for Wiki pages. If you need to attach a file (like something you've compiled and want to share), just right click the file, Send To, CodeResort. Voilá.
  • A Quick Ticket application for creating tickets, applying meta data and Wiki formatting help.

If you've got a CodeResort login, you already have access. If not, just create yourself one and you should have access to both the downloadable installer and the full source in a few minutes.

Images speaks more than words:
Creating a new ticket Wiki Editor and heading Wiki Editor and syntax highlighting formatting Uploading multiple files in the wiki editor Previewing Wiki text Upload a file from Send To menu in Windows Explorer