Odd Simon Simonsen

Hi there!

I work at BV Network AS, and I develop and maintain CodeResort. If you are looking for news related to the service, you should head over to the Official CodeResort blog instead - I'll be posting there for anything related to using the service.

My own personal blog (this one) will be more 'behind the scenes', with topics that arise in my day-to-day work, the things I do, stuff I read or discover, and from the interactions I have with various people and projects that provides the foundation of this service. I am a member of the Trac development team, and I also do work related to most of the plugins we use here - including some that are developed for CodeResort and open sourced. I also maintain some CodeResort software in our open project.

Thanks for visiting, and hope you will find useful things here! Oh, and if have an opinion on a topic, do feel free to comment (login required).



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