Web Bug Track - Keep watch on those pesky browser bugs

Discovered the Web Bug Track today while researching a Trac bug. Collecting browser bugs AND workarounds.

Got to love this idea - a useful resource, and I've added their feed just to keep in touch with what people discover. Spending my days in OSX, I'm also less aware of the frequent IE bugs discovered that seem to outnumber other browsers by a factor of 10.

How such a common function as document.createElement() can still be broken is beyond me... Not only broken, but so horribly implemented that it actually accepts an element-representation as input - here is the workaround in action:

  • trac/htdocs/js/query.js

    131131    // Convenience function for creating an <input type="radio"> 
    132132    function createRadio(name, value, id) { 
    133       var input = document.createElement("input"); 
     133      if (!$.browser.msie) { 
     134        var input = document.createElement("input"); 
     135      } else { 
     136        var input = document.createElement('<input name="'+name+'"/>'); 
     137      } 
    134138      input.type = "radio"; 
    135139      if (name) input.name = name; 
    136140      if (value) input.value = value; 

We'll see how this bug report ends up being solved in the end, as that is not nice code to smear around the code base.

Anyone got other useful 'browser bug' resources that I should keep watch on? Add a comment.

  • Posted: 2008-02-05 16:37 (Updated: 2008-02-07 02:52)
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