Simple Notify script for TracTalk

At CodeResort.com we have recently made the source code available for the TracTalkPlugin. One of the nice things added for this plugin recently is RPC support - already in production here of course.

If you haven't looked at the RPC interface, take a look at the 'open' project RPC documentation. If you have access to projects here at CodeResort.com, then you will perhaps see 'Talk' in the project menus too (depending on permission and enabled status).

The primary interface for Talk is web-based - at least until someone makes an alternative client... So, trying to keep track of a number of browser windows with sporadic Talk activity was just a bit too much for me to manage manually. So, I turned to a programmatic solution...

I'm on OSX. And Growl is the natural notification solution for me. Being a Python developer, I naturally found and installed the Growl SDK (python bindings). The full script is attached to this post - along with the icon I use for the Growl notifications.

Install dependencies and save files, chmod u+x, and then do something like:

simon: /tmp> ./coderesort-talk-notifier.py name@example.org epicode open

So, here is the essence of how I use the RPC interface (all other lines are just 'nice-to-have'):

  1. For each of the projects I want to track (as input from command line), I first retrieve the available Talks in the project. Seeing each unique URL (=project) requires an xmlrpclib.ServerProxy, I create the proxy and retrieve the talks:
    server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(base_url % project)
    talks = server.talk.getTalks()
  2. Then, for each Talk in the project I want to retrieve the very last message number so that I can check that later to see if it has changed (=activity). Seeing a project can have many Talks, the most efficient solution is to use an RPC feature called MultiCall - it makes and retrieves many 'commands' using one POST request:
    multicall_msg = xmlrpclib.MultiCall(server)
    for r in talks:
        multicall_msg.talk.getMessages(r['room'], {'limit': 1, 'reverse': True})
    messages = multicall_msg().results
  3. Seeing I consider myself 'online' in the rooms that I poll for activity, I use the opportunity to also make a multicall_seen request along the same pattern as above.
  4. The seen feature is the reason why I poll every 115 seconds - the limit for 'online' marking in a room is defined as 'seen within last two minutes'. I wanted to make sure I'm inside so that I don't sporadically appear and disappear for others that follow the action in the room.

Go ahead, make your own Talk client! I challenge you to make a better one than my quick & dirty script - and it should really NOT be that hard... :-)

  • Posted: 2010-11-13 00:35 (Updated: 2010-11-13 11:59)
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