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TracTalkPlugin - Source code released

For CodeResort we have built a web-based, interactive chat room solution with lots of nice features. It is intended as a venue to track both formal and informal conversation in projects, a place to discuss, a place to ask questions and answer them, a place to review snippets or uploaded files.

We call this Talk. If you want to learn more about this feature, here are some starting points:

We've now released the source code for this feature, and here are som pointers for learning more about the 'inside':

At CodeResort we believe you should be able to continue using ALL your data - even after you leave our hosted services. As you can download a complete backup of your project + get all necessary programs and modules from public locations, it all adds up to keeping your investments safe.



1. willheger@… -- 2011-12-03 00:48

Hi, I recently got TracTalkPlugin working on my personal trac.

I encountered the following problem and worked around it:

  • TracError: The Trac Environment needs to be upgraded.

So the test of the database fails (needs upgrade) which is fine, but the trac-admin upgrade action doesn't set-up the database for me, don't know why.

So I dug into db.py and added the upgrade_database method to the test and also added a db.commit(). I installed this and ran trac, it got the database set-up then I removed it and re-installed the original code with the single modification that removed the database upgrade check.

This isn't a fix just a kludge, but it did get talk working for me. It was worth the effort because TracTalk is the bomb.

2. simon@… -- 2011-12-06 15:09

Thanks for the positive feedback on the plugin!

As for your upgrade error, I'm quite sure it isn't related to the plugin but to your installation and perhaps the users / permissions / configuration /python / code paths used by your web server versus your command-line trac-admin command.

I just tested it again, and a new enable on an existing project (=upgrade) should look like this;

~/temp > trac-admin testproject upgrade
Database is up to date, no upgrade necessary.
~/temp > trac-admin testproject config set components tractalk.* enabled
~/temp > trac-admin testproject upgrade
Upgrade done.

If you still find the plugin is to blame, or experience other issues with the plugin, please use the ticket system to register questions, bugs and enhancement requests.

3. vblee@… -- 2015-03-27 09:47

Hi !

I have an error 500. Should I change my apache configuration?