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Simple strongly typed Admin-overrideable globalization texts for EPiServer CMS 6


  • Tracks which language strings are used for page renderings
  • Offers administrators the ability to override these strings (adds item to context menu which activates feature)
  • Adds a T4 template which generates strongly typed language accessors (no more "/xpath/to/some/string" )
  • The overridden texts remember which string they are overriding, so that if the standard language files themselves are updated the latest write wins.

Demonstration of EPiLang can be found at http://ilearnable.net/2011/05/22/introducing-epilang/ 


For the moment Forse.EPiLang is hosted on the official EPiServer NuGet feed, you find it by searching for epilang in the package explorer


Forse.EPiLang modifies web.config upon install, it adds the following:

      <add name="EPiLangEditorHandler" verb="POST" path="EPiLang.ashx" type="Forse.EPiLang.EPiLangHandler, Forse.EPiLang"/>
        <add tagPrefix="EPiLang" namespace="Forse.EPiLang.Controls" assembly="Forse.EPiLang" />
        <add namespace="Forse.EPiLang" />

It also changes the resource provider in the globalization node from EPiServer.Resources.!XmlResourceProviderFactory, EPiServer to Forse.EPiLang.EPiLangResourceProviderFactory, Forse.EPiLang

All these changes are reverted during uninstall


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If you want to change and compile the source code:

  • Visual Studio 2010

Contributed by

Andreas Knudsen, Forse