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Community Source EPiServer Modules


How do I use it?

Each module is different, so click the links below to read more about the modules. Look for links or information about installing or configuring. Additionally, the IntroductionSection has useful information about general requirements and tools you might need.

Since all the source code is available, you can download and compile it yourself. We have a video showing you how to check out (download) the source code using TortoiseSVN and make it work with your web site. You can also browse all the code online.

How do I contribute to a module?

Please read the HowToContribute page. If you have made changes to a module, and would like to commit back to the Subversion repository, please see the video explaining how to commit code.

Can I add my own module?

Sure you can! Please contact BV Network AS (info@bvnetwork.no) for practical arrangements.

About CodeResort

The 'EPiCode' project is really just one of many projects on CodeResort. You can host your own projects here too. Read more about CodeResort.

EPiCode is a community source project for sharing modules and plug-ins that work with EPiServer. The service is run by BV Network AS and is not a part of EPiServer AB as such. All modules come with full source code.

In order to download and browse the source code you need to register and apply for membership.

Featured modules

Hosting netmeetings just got a lot easier. Create meetings, host them and handle questions and replies directly in EPiServer. When you're done, you can archive the meeting for later use.
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EasySearch provides EPiServer web site developers with a simple way to add powerful and flexible full text search on their website. Support for Faceted Search is included and a ready to use search page is available.
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LinkDetective *Updated* 
LinkDetective checks your whole site for broken links (both internal and external) as a scheduled job, and then displays the results to the editors so they can fix them. The module is very quick and can check 1500 pages with 400 links in 60 seconds.
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Custom 404 handler 
This module has a more advanced url redirect feature than the built-in shortcut url feature in EPiServer. It handles extensions and querystring parameters too. If you have a lot of 404 errors in your logs, you can use this to redirect the user to the correct page.
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Google Analytics 
This is a plug-in that lets your editors see the statistic from Google for each page inside Edit Mode of EPiServer. The module was developed by Ruwen Jin at the research team in Sweden. 
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EventX is a module built to ease the administrative tasks when dealing with user registrations for events such as fairs, seminars etc. Features include handling paralell tracks, autorespons, name tag with barcode and more.
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EPiCode currently contains the following modules, all made available using the EPiCode Community Source License (ECSL):

Name VersionPriceContributed by
404Handler CMS 4 and 5FreeBV Network AS / Making Waves AS
Advanced Delete CMS 4FreeIntergen
BaseLibrary CMS 4FreeBV Network AS
CacheFramework CMS 4 and 5FreeBV Network AS
CloudCuckoo CMS 5FreeInterakting (Business & Decision)
Collapsable Property CMS 5FreeLogica
ContentGenerator CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
Database File System CMS 4 and 5FreeEinar Krokan & Propeople
Deployment Wizard CMS 4 and 5FreeTelenor Broadcast Holding / Canal Digital
DiagnosticConsole CMS 5FreeCognifide Limited
Dynamic Property Version Manager CMS 5FreeMaking Waves (Dariusz Macina)
EasySearch CMS 5NOK 30.000Networked Planet Ltd (Ordering Information)
EditorHtmlCleanSweep CMS 5FreeLogica (David Wahl)
EnterpriseConfig CMS 5FreeErgoGroup
EventX CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
Extensions CMS 6FreeEPiServer World Community
FacetedNavigation CMS 4FreeCognifide Limited
Flexigrid 2Screencast availableCMS 5FreeEpinova AS
Folder Browser Property CMS 5 and 6FreeMeridium AB (Marcus Lindblom)
FV.DynamicSlideShare CMS 6FreeFrederik Vig
FV.ShareIt CMS 6FreeFrederik Vig
Google Analytics module CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
Google Analytics API module CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
Google Map moduleScreencast availableCMS 4 and 5FreeEPiServer AB/BV Network AS
Google Maps Location CMS 5FreeNansen
Google Map as Dynamic Content CMS 5FreeBV Network AS
Google Translate CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
Hattis.EmbeddedResource CMS 5FreeObjectware
HelpText CMS 5FreeIntergen (Magnus Österhult)
HyperThumbnail CMS 5FreeInterakting (Business & Decision)
ImageListProperty CMS 4 and 5FreeBV Network AS/Making Waves
ImageVirtualPathProvider CMS 5FreeCognifide Limited
Itera.MultiProperty CMS 5FreeItera/Objectware as
Itera.Media CMS 5FreeItera/Objectware as
LinkDetective CMS 5FreeMaking Waves (Alexander Haneng)
Link Report CMS 4 and 5FreeEPiServer AB
Lotus Notes Membership Role Provider CMS 5FreeItera / Gazette AS
Log4Net Context Information CMS 5FreeBV Network AS
Manage LanguagesScreencast availableCMS 5FreeBV Network AS
Manage ChildrenScreencast availableCMS 5FreeBV Network AS
Multi-page PropertyScreencast availableCMS 4 and 5FreeIntergen
Native VPP with Metadata CMS 5FreeDepartementenes servicesenter (Government Administration Services)
NetMeeting CMS 5FreeDepartementenes servicesenter (Government Administration Services)
NewPage CMS 5FreeProkom Sem & Stenersen
NewsletterScreencast availableCMS 4 and 5NOK 10.000BV Network AS (Ordering Information)
PageContainer CMS 5FreeLogica
Page MockupScreencast availableCMS 5FreeBV Network AS
PageScripts CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
PageTreeIconsScreencast availableCMS 5FreeDropit/Intergen (Henrik Nyström)
PageTypeUtil CMS 4, 5 and 6FreeBV Network AS
Picasa2EPiServerScreencast availableCMS 5FreeBV Network AS
Picture gallery CMS 4 and 5FreeNorsk Rikstoto
QuickSearchExtender CMS 5FreeDropit (Fredrik Karlsson)
ResourceBooking CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
RestrictedPaste CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
RssNewsList CMS 5FreeSojobo
RssToPage CMS 4 and 5FreeBV Network AS
Search Engine Sitemaps CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
TinyMceAdapter CMS5FreeEPiServer AB
TranslateX CMS 5FreeEPiServer AB
UserPlugins CMS 4FreeBV Network AS
Web Part FrameworkScreencast availableCMS 4 and 5FreeBV Network AS / Epinova AS
Web Part Provider? CMS 5FreeEpinova AS

Note! There might be modules in the repository that is not listed above, awaiting more documentation and/or source code. Please check the source browser.