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About download

To get latest version of installer you should get it from SVN and compile it. Installers on this page are not latest version.


You can download TranslateX here.

For Version 5.2

down.gif Download as msi package for EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP1

MSI Package installation:

  • download the zip file and extract it anywhere on your machine, you will get a msi file
  • run the msi file and go through the wizard.
  • start EPiServer Deployment Center and choose install translateX.

Extra steps for LionBridge connector:

  • Contact LionBridge for information about account
  • Enter the information from LionBridge in web.config:
    • translationws
    • translationauthws
    • translationuser
    • translationpwd

For Version 5.1

down.gif Download as zip file

Zip package installation:

  • Unzip the zip file.
  • Copy all files to your EPiServer CMS Site Folder.
  • Run sql.txt into your EPiServer SQL Server.
  • Update your web.config if you want to use LionBridge connector ( see sample file web.config.update.txt )
    • add translationconnector in your appSettings. and the value should be
      • EPiServer.Research.Connector.Language.XLIFF.Connector,EPiServer.Research.Connector.Language.XLIFFConnector
    • if you are going to use XLIFF connector you need add xliffworkpath in your appSettings
    • if you are going to use LionBridge connector you need add following in your appSettings:
      • translationws
      • translationauthws
      • translationuser
      • translationpwd