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Installing the Small Company Starter Kit

This page describes how to get the starter kit up and running.


  1. TortoiseSVN
  2. Unleash-It if you want to compile the EPiCode libraries (which are precompiled) More about Unleash-It
  3. The web project needs to be an IIS root site

Directory Structure

The list below assume the following directory structure:

        \source-trunk   <-- will point to source trunk directory

If you change this, make sure you also use the changed values in the installation guide below.

Installation Steps

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of TortoiseSVN installed
  2. Create the \inetpub\starterkitsmallcompany directory
  3. Check-out to source-trunk
    Checkout screenshotScreenshot of the checkout dialog
    Make sure the "URL of repository" is https://www.coderesort.com/svn/epicode/starterkit-smallcompany/trunk.
  1. Create a new IIS site, point to webroot (Use EasyIIS to create new root sites on Windows XP) 1. Make sure IIS site is configured to run ASP.NET 2.0
  2. Point the 404 error to URL:/util/notfound.aspx
  3. Restore the database (download database.zip file here) to a SQL Server 2005 installation (remember to create a database user)
  4. Change the EPsConnection value in \inetpub\starterkitsmallcompany\webroot\web.config to point to the database
  5. Open Small Company Starter Kit.csproj in Visual Studio 2005
  6. Compile the web project
  7. Test the project on http://localhost/