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Starterkit Logo

Small Company Starter Kit

Functional and Design Features:

  • Space for top logo
  • Top menu
  • Expanding left menu (number of levels supported: 3, uses dynamic property)
  • Footer
  • Event list on the right
  • Bread Crumb on all pages
  • Uses friendly urls


  • Start page with main item, news list and events
  • News list
  • News page
  • Search
  • Ordinary Web Page for general content and lists
  • Event page
  • Event list
  • XForm page
  • Rss source


  • Clean up styles not used in .css files (Editor.css, Structure.css and Units.css)

Features under consideration:

  • Subscription page


Want to see what it looks like? See the Screenshots

How to install

Read how to install it.

Admin user

Username: epiadmin Pasword: pleasechangethis

Extra-features included:

  • EPiBaseLibrary (EPiCode)
  • PageTypeUtil(EPiCode)


The site is availble with labels in the following languages:

  • English
  • Norwegian