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Table of Contents

  1. SocialPing (BETA)

SocialPing (BETA)

SocialPing is a project that enables posting directly from EPiServer to ALL your social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in one go. It can be used to update your status on for example Twitter and Facebook when you publish a page or blog post from EPiServer. SocialPing uses services from Ping.fm to do the status updates.

Publish to Twitter and Facebook from EPiServer editmode

Current version

The current version is 1.01 BETA. Please email feedback to stian.grepstad /at/ makingwaves.no.

Version history

  • 1.00 BETA: First release on EPiCode
  • 1.01 BETA: Added class StatusPingModule.cs which uses EPiServer initialization system instead of manually registering the publish page event in global.asax (changeset [1695])



Known limitations and further enhances

  • The project relies on Ping.fm and assumes that their services is up and running.
  • Your status is updated every time you publish a page. So if you publish a page ten times, you will have ten status updates in your twitter account. This should be handled by the plug-in. Now you have to leave the text field blank if you don't want to publish. You should be able to check (with a status field) if the current page is already posted to Ping.fm.
  • No character limitations. It doesn’t check number of characters before sending to Ping. The status messages should be limited to 140 characters (Twitter) including URL. A character counter should be visible in edit mode.
  • No status message is displayed. The editor don’t know if the message was sent and updated in social networks.
  • Current version uses txt-file for logging. Log4net should be used for logging.
  • Next version should include methods for retrieving your last status messages by using API calls to Ping.fm.
  • It should be possible to choose which network you want to post to. This version is posting to all networks registered with your Ping.fm account.
  • It should be possible to turn on and off posting with config file.
  • The plan is to create a epimodule for easier installation and setup.


Tickets for this component:

Use EPiServers initialization system
Use EPiServers initialization system

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We are working to add more documentation. In the meantime check out the blog entry about MakingWaves.SocialPing on EPiServer World:



  • EPiServer CMS 6
  • .NET 3.5

If you want to change and compile the source code:

  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1


Your feedback is appreciated for further development of the project. Feel free to contact me: stian.grepstad /at/ makingwaves.no

Contributed by

Stian Grepstad (Making Waves AS)