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EPiServer Newsletter Module

The Newsletter module lets you create pages in EPiServer and send pages as emails to many recipients. In contrast to the built-in subscription feature this module is push based, as you define the content, and control the sending


  • Create one or more newsletter templates, and send newsletters directly from EPiServer
  • Edit newsletters the same way you edit pages for the web
  • You can have several different newsletters, and many recipient groups
  • Import email addresses (handles duplicates)
  • Send as HTML and plain text in the same email. Lets the user choose the format
  • Pluggable recipient filter
  • Test before you send
  • Sends images as inline attachments, allowing rich design
  • Has subscription and unsubscription templates
  • Tips on how to create your newsletter design


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Source Code

Repository: data.png svn/epicode/BVNetwork.Newsletter/5.x.
Check out the source with TortoiseSVN


The module has different downloads for different versions of EPiServer CMS. See the download page for the individual requirements for each version.


Want to see what it looks like? See the ScreenShots.


This module is not free, the current price is NOK 10.000.

To order, send an email to info@bvnetwork.no with the following information:

  • Customer Company Name
  • Partner Company Name (when delivered to customer by partner)
  • Neccessary invoicing details (contact person, address etc.)

When you order the newsletter module, you will recieve a license for the aspnetEmail component that is used by the Newsletter module for sending html emails.

The Newsletter is licensed per EPiServer site. One license is required for each site that has the module installed.


Tickets for this component:

Move all labels and helptext to language files
Changing recipient list name
Create newsletter from newsletter admin page
Create wiki installation guide for Newsletter cms 7
Store Newsletter data in DDS
Move appSettings for Newsletter to dds


The SendMail module is organized as several Visual Studio .NET Library projects.

  1. The main plug-in and mail sending engine
  2. An extensibility library with interfaces that you can implement in order to control the mail sending process.
    • An interface for creating your own recipient filters.
  3. A business layer API

The main process of sending pages as email is to specify which page types the mail plug-in should be enabled for. The plug-in will then allow you to select any page (given the correct page type) and send the contents as an email to one or more users. The editor can specify the recipient to send to.