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Search Engine Sitemaps

This module makes it easy for search engines to index your site. A sitemap is generated showing what pages the site contains and when they last were changed.

Search Engine Sitemaps lets you specify whether a page (or a branch of pages in the page tree) in your EPiServer-site shall be enabled for the Sitemaps. It also lets you set values for Change Frequency and Priority (as specified by the Sitemaps protocol).

When the search robot asks for the SiteMap Index file, it will be dynamically generated along with one (or possibly several) SiteMap xml files created in the directory /SearchEngineSitemaps/SiteMaps. The module also supports Enterprise configurations with multiple sites in one EPiServer. Then a sitemap is created for each site. Search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Ask need to be notified of where the sitemap is located on the server. This is done either by manually going to search engines web page and registering the site or by stating the path in the robots.txt.

The project was originally done by Johan Olofsson at EPiServer under the name EPiGoogleSitemaps


  • Generated on the fly
  • Caching the sitemap
  • Supports multiple search engines
  • Makes your website easier to index
  • Works with Enterprise solutions
  • Generates an index file
  • Uses dynamic properties but they can be regular properties


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Tickets for this component:

Small fix for Firefox
Sitemap tied to FriendlyUrlRewriter
SearchEngineSitemaps on an enterprise site

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