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Resource Management have several defined page types in order to make the application running.

PageType nameDescription
[HKRM] Start pageStart page for the Resource Management System
[HKRM] Resource containerEntries of all resources and resource groups
[HKRM] Resource groupEntries of containing resources and resource groups
[HKRM] ResourceResources can only be specified within a resource group
[HKRM] Resource booking listList of all created resource bookings
[HKRM] Resource bookingResource bookings can only be specified within a resource booking list
[HKRM] Resource booking archive     Old entries of resource bookings
[HKRM] Resource service log listA list of all resource services logs for a resource
[HKRM] Resource service logA resource service log can only be specified within a resource service log list
[HKRM] Location containerEntries of locations
[HKRM] LocationA location can only be specified within a location container