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AJAX features with JQuery

All actions in Resource Management are executed in real time, that is no more slack and tedious page loads. Developing with Jquery results in smart solutions and a fast system for the user. This also means that you have to enable java scripts in order to get the system running.

See all resources as a graphic calendar

With a graphic calendar, like Google calendar or Outlook, you can interact with the system as you would with a real calendar. You can see all resource bookings visually and create a new resource booking at a specified time with a mouse click.

Along with this you can also filter all resource bookings by day, week, month or year.

See all resources as a list

If a graphic calendar is not for you, you can also see all resource bookings as a list. This is very useful if for example you prefer to see all items in a list or if you would like to print out a list of resource bookings.


All validation is done both on the client and server side. This results in a secure and fast validated system for the user, now when no pageloads have to occur.

Search resource

The search function is a very useful feature when you want to see all the bookings for a specific resource. While typing, a request via Ajax will be sent to a web service and get all resources filtered by your search key. Within a second you will see all matching resources and pick your specified resource.

See all your bookings

You can easily see all your booked items by clicking the link "My bookings" at the top of the page. This will show all your non-expired bookings. Optinally HKRM can show "All bookings" in the system as start page instead of the default "My bookings".

Save your favorite resources

It is possible to save resources as favorites. These resources will be shown in a dropdown menu at the top of the page for fast access. If your resource is no longer active or of interest, you can delete it from your list.

[HKRM] Schedule Export Data

There are a schedular availible to export current weeks bookings to an external database. For example to show "bookings/visits today" on an information monitor or other use.

Special properties

Several special properties come with the system, to be used as needed. Here are some of them.

Until further-booking (coming)

It is possible for a booking to go on interminably. This is very useful if you know that the resource will be booked continuously for months or even years (long-term hire).


With this property enabled, it is possible to bind a resource to a location. For example, if your resource is a projector, you might want to specify where the projector is placed. Note that you can't book these locations. They are ordinary resource properties.


Like the property location, you can bind a resource to a booking group that will use this resource. For example, if your resource is a meeting room, you may want to specify a group of people that will attend the meeting there. Note that you can't book these groups, but they can be used as search keys to answer questions like: Where do The Council Members normally meet?. Property act as a drop-down/textbox when there are [HKRM] Group:s available, otherwise only as textbox.

Extra coffee orders (can be used as statistics instead)

This property isn't normally set in many resources but if you do set it, you can enable it to specify if the booking can include extra orders. This is particularly useful for big meetings where for example the cafeteria or restaurant needs to know how many guest attendees should be served coffee/lunch.