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EPiCode.Relations lets you create semantic relations between pages in EPiServer based on specified rules.

Admin mode

Rules are added to admin mode, and can be maintained here. A relation rule will apply between to page types, and with pages of a given part of the structure, e.g. page type People connected with page type Article. Every rule will have a name, helping the editor to understand the semantic nature of the relation. People could be related to articles in different ways. A person could be a writer, a co-writer, a subject etc. The rules would represent one of these relation types.

Screen shot of Admin mode


Edit Mode

In Edit Mode of EPiServer 7, a gadget will be availabe for editors. The gadget will show all the relevant relation types, i.e. rules, and the editor can drag and drop pages from the page tree into the rules to create relations. It is also possible to search for relations, and drag pages from the search result.

Screen shot of edit view



Main features:

  • Admin Mode plugin for specifying relation rules
  • Edit Mode plugin for managing relations
  • Dynamic Content plugins for adding page lists
  • Custom Property Type for selecting relation rules
  • Template based page list web control


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This module is not free. The current price is NOK 15.000.

This module is however free for personal and development use. For all other deployments a license is required.

To order, send an email to info@bvnetwork.no with the following information:

  • Customer Company Name
  • Partner Company Name (when delivered to customer by partner)
  • Neccessary invoicing details (contact person, address etc.)

EPiCode.Relations is licensed per EPiServer site. One license is required for each site that has the module installed.



  • EPiServer CMS 7.5
  • .NET 4.0

If you want to change and compile the source code:

  • Visual Studio 2012

Contributed by

Eivind Lærum, BV Network AS