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The EPiCode Blog

New module - Multi-page Property Plus

A new new multi-page property with an improved GUI. Gone are reloads for every addition of a new pag ...

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Updates on GoogleMapsLocation

I upgraded the project GoogleMapsLocation to use Google Maps API v3 and made this update a CM ...

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Updates on MultiPageProperty

The MultiPageProperty has been updated with epimodule packages for CMS 5 and CMS 6. Check out the ...

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Minor update for the 404 module

The 404 Handler has been updated with a small fix for ticket [ticket:248 Ticket 24 ...

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Mobile URL Rewriter by Making Waves published

EPiServer Modules and Plug-ins

This community source project contains various modules and plug-ins for EPiServer, with full source code. Already a member? Log in.

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Some of the modules:

  • Multi-page Property
    A custom property for selecting one or more pages, with full control over sorting. Perfect for those "related pages" feature, or whenever you need to point to several pages. See screenshot or video of the module.
  • Database File System
    Put the uploaded files in the database instead of the server hard drive, and you do don't have to think about file syncronization in web farms anymore.
  • Manage Children
    Advanced sorting of child pages. See a video of the module.
  • Google Maps in EPiServer
    Shows how you can use Google Maps in your EPiServer project. Show maps on pages and you can easily add points of interest directly from EPiServer. See a video of the module.
  • Newsletter
    Newsletter module, push, html/text mailing, handles images and large recipient lists. See screenshot or the user documentation (pdf) for more information.
  • Link Report
    Check the links on your website. A scheduled task will check all links on your web site and shows which links failed, and the page where the link is located. See screenshot of the module.
  • Picture gallery
    A picture gallery template with automatic image resizing, thumbnails and search features. See screenshots 1, 2, 3.
  • Web Part Framework
    A user friendly web part framework for editors, to enable highly customizable pages.
  • EPiBaseLibrary
    Custom Data Types, Web Controls, Utilities, Base Classes...
  • 404Handler
    Extensive 404 handler for handling all those stray urls and missing files.
  • EPiPageTypeUtil
    Take control over your page types and properties.
  • EPiUserPlugins
    Plug-ins, controls and other fancy stuff for working with users in EPiServer.
  • Advanced Delete
    Advanced delete with link cleanup, replaced the standard page delete with one that allows more control over the delete process.
  • RssToPage
    Publish RSS articles as EPiServer pages.
  • Page Mockup
    Helps advanced editors to set up a page structure quickly. Experiment with different navigation structures without all the clicking and typing, or use it to prepare customer demos. See screenshot of the module.