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Please Note! This instruction is for the EPiServer 4 version of the picture gallery. There is also a version for EPiServer CMS 5

  1. Check out the code using TortoiseSVN. You can also grab the files as a zip archive.
  2. Copy the PictureGalleryUtil catalog and the files in the template catalog into your EPiServer project and compile
  3. Import the package with the picture gallery Page Type
  4. Check that the ASPNET account has the right to write to the util/temp/thumbcache folder. This is where your thumbnails are saved.
  5. Add settings into web.config (optional): The picture gallery is built so you can have open and restricted galleries. Therefore you need to add some code to web.config.
    Inside <handlers> you should add this code (with your path to the gallery)
    <!-- This configures a separate file system for all galleries -->
    <handler pageDirectory="False" 
             type="EPiServer.FileSystem.Handler.NativeFileSystem, EPiServer">
        <customSettings PhysicalPath="c:/imageGallery/"/>


Inside the imageGallery folder you may create two folders, "restricted" and "open". If you go to the file manager in edit mode there should be a folder named gallery and two sub folders. If it´s a open gallery, change the access rights, Everyone should have read access as a minimum.

In edit mode:

  • Create a page of the type picture gallery.
  • Set the number of pictures that are to be showed in page
  • Specify the size of the pictures
  • Add the path to the gallery (should be something like: /gallery/open.)

Picture gallery edit mode
(Click image for the full size version)