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Download and installation instructions for Picasa2EPiServer module.

Installing using EPiServer CMS Manager

  1. Download the manager module
  2. Open EPiServer CMS Manager
  3. Select your site, right click, select Install module
  4. Point to the .zip file (from step 1) and follow the wizard through to the end
  5. After the files have been copied, a browser will open to let you install content
  6. You need to add some configuration settings to web.config. Please see the Configuration section below


  • Find the /configuration/episerver/virtualPath/providers section in your web.config and change the physical paths in "GalleryRoot" and "ResizeUtil" to your vpp folder
  • Find the PictureGalleryPage key in web.config and set the value to a page you want the gallery to be saved below. If you don't change this, the pages will be generated under the startpage:
  <add key="PictureGalleryPage" value="0" />

Source Code

You can: