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    Note to editor:

    Do a search and replace on MODULE_NAME, NAME_OF_EPIMODULE_FILE and REPOSITORY_PATH in this wiki page to make change all references to the module. The name and path are case sensitive. You should also notify info@… about this page as soon as possible, to create a new component in the ticket system so all tickets are grouped correctly.

    <Module Name>

    <Short introduction to the module>


    More information about the features of the module. Include a bullet list if you'd like:

    • Can do this
    • Does that
    • Has those


    <add the module run-time (.epimodule for installable modules or .zip for source code) as an attachment to this wiki page. Attachments can be downloaded without people needing to register on EPiCode.>


    <if your module requires special configuration, describe it here.>

      <xml />


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    • EPiServer CMS <version and service pack>
    • .NET <version>
    • <other requirements>

    If you want to change and compile the source code:

    • Visual Studio 2008 SP1
    • <if you use post-build events for deploying runtime files> Unleash IT (See PostBuildEvent for more information)

    Contributed by

    <add your name (and optionally company) here.>