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Page Mockup

This small administration plug-in allows you to create a page structure really quick. It is ideal to use when prototyping in order to visualize the information architecture inside EPiServer. The plug-in handles creation of different page types and it even created a Friendly URL!

Added a screenshot for the startpage of PageMockup


  • Create one or several page structures in one go
  • Handles specification of page types
  • Creates friendly URL's


No Downlad package has been created yet. You have to check out the code or download the source as a .zip file, add it to your project and compile it.

Source Code

You can:

The module was moved from EPiBaseLibrary to it's own project.


  • EPiServer CMS5 / EPiServer CMS6
  • ASP.NET 3.0

If you want to change and compile the module

  • Visual Studio 2005 SP1 / Visual Studio 2010
  • UnleashIT