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Netmeeting Module

Hosting netmeetings just got a lot easier. Create meetings, host them and handle questions and replies directly in EPiServer. When you're done, you can archive the meeting for later use.

  • Separate meeting administration interface for working with questions (answering, deleting, postponing)
  • Many editors can answer at the same time from many machines
  • Ajax interface and a great user experience for end users and editors
  • Auto-refreshes the question page to show new answers during the meeting
  • Questions can be made prior to the meeting
  • Old netmeetings can be archived to text and xml format


See what the module looks like



  1. Install the module using the Module Installer feature in the EPiServer Deployment Center
  2. Run the scripts in the /Database/Scripts/ folder against your EPiServer database.
  3. Add a netMeeting.config file if you want to change any settings


The module has default values for all settings. If you need to tweak any of them, create a netMeeting.config file on the root of your web site and provide custom values for the settings below.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <!--Values for length on title, question and name when creating question-->
  <add key="titleLength"
  <add key="questionLength"
  <add key="nameLength"
  <!-- Where to save reports when NetMeeting is closed - need to be a virtual path (valid VPP path)-->
  <add key="reportsFolder"
       value="~/Global/netmeeting/reports" />
  <add key="autoupdaterefreshrate"
       value="10000" />
  <!-- Relative path to logo image used in editor interface -->
  <add key="topLogoUrl"
       value="" />  
  <add key="rightTopLogoUrl"
       value="" />
  <!-- Virtual path to stylesheet ("~/EPiCode/Netmeeting/Styles/Nettmote.css" is default)-->
  <add key="stylesheetPath"
  <!-- Defines if report folder names should be renamed to a strict (url friendly) name -->
  <add key="useStrictPageNameConversion"


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Working With the Source

If you need to change anything, check out the source code using TortoiseSVN. Open the site you want to deploy the module to in Visual Studio 2008, add the NetMeeting.csproj file to the same solution. Make sure the .sln file is located in the root of your web site. Make the neccessary changes and compile the NetMeeting module. It will be compiled and the run-time files will be copied to your web site root folder ready for use.

Make sure you have installed Unleash-IT before you compile your project as it is used for copying run-time files.

When you have the NetMeeting module in the same solution as your web site, you can also debug both at the same time. Just add breakpoint to the NetMeeting module and you're ready to debug.

Contributed by

DSS - Departementenes servicesenter (Government Administration Services).