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Wish List

This is the wish list for the Multi-page Property.

  • Add several page links
  • Each link can have its own title
  • Each link can have its own target
  • Easy ordering of links
  • Support internal and external links
  • Support delete detection (PageSoftLinks)

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The Wishes So Far

Comment by thomas.haug@… on 22.11.2006 10:31:07

MaxCount and SkipCount is not working.
These attributes to MultiPageList does not have the expected effect. Version is 1.0.2500.

Comment by thomas.haug@… on 22.11.2006 10:37:45

For each internal link ability to select:
'include only selected'
'include children on first level'
'include children on all levels'

Comment by cotb@… on 21.12.2007 10:46:20

Has anyone modified this to work with editx before?

If you have, please email me, at tim.booker@…



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