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Downloading the Multipage Property Module

Download the MultiPage Property for EPiServer here. Important! The source code could be newer than the assembled installation package. Working with the source code will ensure you have the latest updates.


down.gif MultiPageProperty for EPiServer CMS 5

down.gif MultiPageProperty for EPiServer CMS 6 R2

down.gif Demo pagetype (for public templates)


  1. Download the .epimodule file to your local machine
  2. In EPiServer CMS Manager, select the existing EPiServer CMS Web site and select Install Module from the Action menu.
  3. When asked to select a package to install, browse to and select the epimodule file.
  4. EPiServer CMS Manager will now copy the runtime files into your EPiServer CMS site.

To use this module with full source code, you should download the latest version of the source code and compile it.

The Visual Studio project uses a post build event to help you get the files into your main project. Please read about the post build event script before you compile the project.