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Download and installation instructions for Manage Children module.

Installing using EPiServer Deployment Center (CMS 6)

  1. Download the installer module
  2. Open EPiServer Deployment Center
  3. Expand EPiServer CMS / Version 6.x
  4. Select "Install a Module from a Compressed File"
  5. Point to the .epimodule file (from step 1). Click Next
  6. Review Module information and Install options. Click Next
  7. Select your site from the list. Click Next
  8. Review the gathered data, click Install.
  9. Open up your site, and you should see the new tab in edit mode.
  10. Optionally change which groups should be allowed to use the plugin in web.config. By default, the following groups have access: Administrator, Administrators, Developers

Installing using EPiServer CMS Manager (CMS 5)

  1. Download the manager module
  2. Open EPiServer CMS Manager
  3. Select your site, right click, select Install module
  4. Point to the .zip file (from step 1) and follow the wizard through to the end

Source Code

CMS 6:

CMS 5: