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Table of Contents

  1. Itera.Media


See http://labs.episerver.com/en/Blogs/Anders-Hattestad/Dates/2009/10/IteraMedia-a-easy-solution-for-media-files/ for more info


  • Have a resize method that could resize images
  • Have a property that contains the media url and that can utilise other hidden properties
  • Have a web control that can easy display the right image/media in the right size
  • Have dynamic content module.
  • Let this function be able to display more than images, but youtube, video, flash…



You need to add the resize file system in the web.config (config for IIS 7 shown below).

  <virtualPath customFileSummary="~/FileSummary.config">
        <add showInFileManager="false" virtualName="FileCache" virtualPath="~/FileCache/" bypassAccessCheck="false" physicalPath="C:\Prosject\CMS5\VPP\FileCache" name="FileCache" type="Itera.Provider.FileCacheProvider,Itera.Media" WriteAccess="Administrators" DeleteAccess="Administrators" />
      <filters />
  <location path="FileCache">
    <staticFile expirationTime="-1:0:0" />
        <add name="webresources" path="WebResource.axd" verb="GET" type="System.Web.Handlers.AssemblyResourceLoader" />
        <add name="wildcard" path="*" verb="*" type="EPiServer.Web.StaticFileHandler, EPiServer" />
        <add tagPrefix="Itera" namespace="Itera.WebControls" assembly="Itera.MultiProperty" />
        <add tagPrefix="Itera" namespace="Itera.WebControls" assembly="Itera.Media" />


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  • EPiServer CMS 5.2
  • .NET 3.5

If you want to change and compile the source code:

  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Contributed by

Anders Hattestad, Objectware as (Part of Itera group)