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Using the module

  1. Create a Google map page in edit-mode
  2. To specify map information map you could do one of the following:
    1. Point one place to show
    2. Point to a “Google map” pagelist
    3. Point to a external data source to show
  3. Choose the center of map, width of map and height of map.

The Google map page type will first check if it has external data then the list. If it still not find any it will show the point. With the external data source you can point an url ( e g http://www.test.com/test.aspx ) and that url need to return a file with pois and the format for the data is like following:

  <city>some where1</city>
  <info>Our office is located here</info>
  <city>some where2</city>
  <info>Place nr 2</info>
  <city>some where3</city>
  <info>Place nr 3</info>

View Screencast

Screencast showing the Google Maps module for EPiServer