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Table of Contents

    Faceted Navigation

    The library set contains a system for facet based clasification of content and navigation/filtering through the content.

    For more information about the module, read the blog series on Adam Najmanowicz's blog. The module faceted navigation system for EPiServer have been developed internally at Cognifide and already tested in the battlefield on a heavy traffic site, provign to be a robust solution for delivering tagged content.

    The system utilizes Multipage Property (also released on EPiCode).

    Additional components:

    • Page Comments handling and moderation library
    • EPiServer CMS 4 - Content Accelerator
    • Basic versioning for load balanced environment for synchronization of changes between multiple servers


    In order to use this module, you need to check out, or download the code outside the subversion repoistory:

    The library uses nHibernate as means of persistence handling, therefore you need to provide the database credentials additionally in 2 files. Your web.config as shown in web.config.SAMPLE and personalize the hibernate.cfg.xml file, based on the following rules:

    The tokens for the credentials are:

    • %DB_HOST% - to be replaced with the database host address
    • %DATABASE_NAME% - the database name
    • %DB_USER% - the user login name with read/write credentials to the database
    • %DB_USER_PASS% - the password for the above mentioned login

    Should your web.config miss any sections required by the libraies used, please refer to the included web.config.SAMPLE file. Notably you will need to provide the id of the node you choose as your navigation root within the repository with:

        <add key="CogFacetedNavigationRootId" value="#"/>

    Additionally you need to integrate the Cognifide.Web project with your app project to make use of the editors for easy creation and maintenenance of the faceted engine.

    Database modifications

    You need to apply the additional database structure modifications by running the following scripts:

    • FacetedNavigation.sql
    • FacetedNavigation_sprocs.sql

    located in the "Database" folder.

    The scripts can as well be applied to a separate database as no hard constraints against EPiServer database structures are made, neither are any EPiServer data structures or stored procedures modified.



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