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  1. Epinova EmailObfuscator

Epinova EmailObfuscator

Are your customers tired of being spammed? The reason is probably that they expose the mailadresses directly on the website. Here are the solution: A genius Httpmodule that obfuscates all mail adresses on the webpage.


  • Hide / obfuscate all mail adresses on a webpage
  • Based on Javascript
  • If Javascript is turned off or not supported by the client, a picture of the mail address will be shown instead



Make the following changes to your web.config file:

Add a section for email obfuscator:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <section name="emailObfuscator" 

Then add the following, eg. right before the <system.web> tag:

<emailObfuscator configSource="emailObfuscator.config" />

Finally, you need to register the http handler:

  <modules ....>
    <add name="EmailObfuscator" 
         type="Epinova.EmailObfuscator.HttpHandler, Epinova.EmailObfuscator" />

The emailObfuscator.config file must be set up according to your choices. There are three example config files provided in the source code.


  1. Build and drop the DLL in your bin directory
  2. Edit web.config file like described above
  3. Add an emailObfuscator.config file to the root of your website


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  • .NET 2.0 ->

If you want to change and compile the source code:

  • Visual Studio 2010

Contributed by

Epinova AS (epinova.no)