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Take advantage of information stored in your Active Directory about employees, students etc, by importing the AD information into EPiServer as individual pages. Personal information from AD now becomes available and searchable in EPiServer, and kept in synch by a scheduled job. Perfect for employee/students/member lists!

Supports automatic import, update and remove modes (one-way; AD to EPiServer only - no risk for your AD data).


  • Automatic import from AD to individual EPiServer pages
  • Automatic update to EPiServer pages when AD info is updated
  • Automatic removal of EPiServer pages that no longer exist in AD
  • Run as scheduled job or manual activation
  • Supports company hierarchy with departments and sections
  • Customizable AD settings (LDAP path, person/group search filter etc)

Import - Searches AD for user profiles and imports them into EPiServer as pages. If the AD profiles contain information in the Department and Division (Section) properties, a matching structure will be created during import. E.g:

Employees (import root page)

Department X

Section Y

Employee Z

Update - If the AD profiles are updated, the EPiServer pages will be updated with the latest from AD. Note: This function compares AD "LastUpdated" field to EPiServer's "PageSaved" property for each profile / page.

Remove - If a user profile is deleted from AD, the corresponding EPiServer page will be deleted.




1. Copy contents of /bin folder into the /bin folder of your EPiServer site.

2. Go to Admin mode in your EPiServer site and import the pagetypes from the /Import/ActiveDirectoryImport.PageTypes.ExportedFile.episerverdata file.

3. Copy contents of /templates/Epinova.ActiveDirectoryImport folder in the /templates folder of your EPiServer site. These are just sample pages for demonstration, nothing fancy.

4. create a new EmployeePage page anywhere in your EPiServer page tree. This will be the root page of the profiles imported from AD.

5. Go to Admin mode - Config tab - Plug-in Manager - Epinova.ActiveDirectoryImport and configure the settings.
EmployeePageType - select EmployeePage from the dropdown list
DepartmentPageType - select DepartmentPage from the dropdown list
SectionPageType - select SectionPage from the dropdown list
EmployeeImportPage - select the EmployeePage you created in step 4
LDAP path - enter the LDAP path for your AD environment, e.g. LDAP://acme.local/OU=Employees,DC=acme,DC=local
AD username - your AD username
AD password - your AD password
AD person search filter - a search filter that defines which kind of users and groups to search for in AD. Default: (objectClass=user)
Other search filter examples: (&(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=My Special Group,OU=Groups,OU=Employees,DC=acme,DC=local))

6. Go to Admin mode - Scheduled Jobs - Active Directory Import to activate the automatic job (or run manually).


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  • EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP2 or CMS 6 R1
  • .NET 2.0 or higher

If you want to change and compile the source code:

  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Contributed by

Epinova AS - http://www.epinova.no