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EPiCode Community Source License (ECSL)

All EPiServer modules and source code are made available through the EPiCode Community Source License (ECSL).

This license governs use of the software made available. If you use the software, you accept the license. If you do not accept the license, do not access or use the software and contact us to have your access to the software removed.


  • By accepting this license, you gain full access to all available source code and can use, reuse, modify, add to it, or even create some new product based on it's foundation. This usage is defined as "Internal Use" in the license.
  • Some modules are provided with a free (gratis) production usage license ("Production use"). Some require a commercial fee to be paid, and please contact BV Network AS (info@bvnetwork.no) with invoicing details.
  • The software is made available as-is, and any distribution of it by you as a product or service to a third party is done at your own risk.
  • The sharing of the source code is done to create opportunities for everyone, and to ensure that features and quality can improve over time for everyones benefit. An obligation for you in the license is therefore that you are required to make modifications of source code available to the project for possible inclusion in a future version. Any new feature or derived product that you make that do not modify existing source code, is of course your own and not part of this obligation.

EPiCode Community Source License (ECSL)



"EPiCode" is a collective term for the project site for EPiServer modules
operated by BV Network AS, but containing modules and contributions from a
number of companies and individuals.

"Software" refers to any individual module available on EPiCode.

"Module Provider" is the original maker(s) and copyright holder for a module
on EPiCode.

The terms "reproduce", "reproduction" and "distribution" have the same meaning
here as under Norwegian copyright law.

"Your company" means the company you worked for when downloading the software,
and is formally the licensee of the software. "You" means you as a
representative of your company.

"Internal use" means use within your company, and specifically excludes the
right to distribute the software outside your company or to use the software in
an operational setting inside the company. However, it includes the right to
modify or make derived and larger work ready for distribution to third party.

"Third party" means any intended receipient of the software either as-is, or
as part of derived and larger work offered by your company.

"Larger work" and "derived work" is any modified version of the software
developed by your company, or some new solution that uses the software as one
of its components in any form.

"Production use" means any use and redistribution to third party, or any form
of operational usage inside your own company. This includes when distributed
as-is, or as part of any derived/larger work made by your company.


A.) Copyright Grant - Subject to the terms of this license, the Module Provider
grants your company a non-transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free
copyright license to use, reproduce, modify and prepare derivative/larger work
within the definition of internal use.

B.) Patent Grant - Subject to the terms of this license, the Module Provider
grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free patent
license to use the software within the definition of internal use.


A.) No Trademark License - This license does not grant you any rights to use
the name, logo or tradmarks owned by the Module Provider.

B.) Production use - For production use of the software module, further
commercial terms and licensing fees may apply.

C.) Contribution - All modifications for any purpose and to any file that is
part of the software in production use, has to be offered back to project on
EPiCode. By modifying and contributing, your company grants the Module Provider a
non-exlusive, worldwide, royalty-free copyright and patent license to use,
reproduce, modify and include in the software.

D.) The software is licensed "as-is". You bear the risk of using it, and for
supporting any distribution to third party. It comes with no warranties or
guarantees of any kind.