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Enterprise Configuration

A module for adding application settings in an enterprise scenario where more than one site share the same project files and web.config. In version 4 of EPiServer, you could have appSettings that was relative to the site that the code ran in context of, but this feature did not make it into EPiServer CMS 5 R1.


Add a new config section to your web.config:

<section name="enterprise" 
         type="EPiServer.EnterpriseConfiguration.EnterpriseConfigSection, EPiServer.Templates.Public" />

Give each site a unique siteid and create a Site node under sites for each site:

    <Site siteid="123">
        <add Name="foo" Value="bar" />

From your code, use the EConfig object to read your settings:

EConfig conf = new EConfig();
string bar = conf["foo"];


There is no downloadable runtime files at the moment. You can:


  • EPiServer CMS 5 R1 or newer
  • Visual Studio 2005/2008 SP1 to compile the code


  • Tested against CMS 5 R1 SP2
  • Should also work for R2, but you need to specify the SiteId in the the EPiServer site element as that has been deprecated and is not set to a unique value by the installer.