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About EasySearch

EasySearch provides EPiServer web site developers with a simple way to add powerful and flexible full text search on their website. It is provided with a Lucene back-end, but is carefully architected to allow different back-ends to be plugged-in with no changes to site code.


  • 6 March 2009 - RELEASED - This contains the first cut of our new Faceted Search controls!
  • RELEASED This contains some important bug-fixes: #100, #101, #102, #103, so upgrade now if you're using
  • New faceted search controls available, no docs yet though (Andy is working on them)
  • EasySearch supports EPiServer 5 R2 SP1 - Just use the latest R2 download


  • Event-driven indexing - no more inefficient site crawling
  • Provides out-of-the-box full text search of a web site
  • Admin plug-in allows simple re-indexing and searching
  • Configured with XML with Intellisense support in Visual 2005
  • Generic indexing and searching API allows search engine back-end to seamlessly switched
  • Access to Lucene API provided for powerful search functionality

Frequently Asked Questions

For the commonly asked questions we receive, we're writing a FAQ in the EasySearchFAQ page. If your question isn't answered there, then please tell us by either raising a ticket, or mailing support@networkedplanet.com.


This module is free for personal and development use. For all other deployments a license is required. Concessions are available for registered charitable organizations.

The licensing model for EasySearch closely mirrors the EPiServer license model. The pricing is as follows:

License TypeTermsPrice
Single LicenseLicense for one Web site and database on one EPiServer server. No restrictions on numbers of pages or users. For use with a EPiServer CMS Entry license.NOK 30,000
Enterprise LicenseLicense for fifteen (15) Web sites configured with one shared database or separate databases. For use with a EPiServer CMS Enterprise License. No restrictions on numbers of pages or users.NOK 90,000
Enterprise Add-On LicenseFor Enterprise License users who need support for more sites, the add-on license adds support for another ten (10) sites. For use with a EPiServer CMS Enterprise Add-On license.NOK 30,000

To order, send an email to info@bvnetwork.no.

Please include the following information:

Customer Company Name
Partner Company Name (when delivered to customer by partner)
Invoice Details (contact person, email address, postal address etc.)


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Source Code

Check out source with TortoiseSVN NetworkedPlanet.EasySearch/5.x


Tickets for this component:

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Installation Guide refers to HttpModule registration
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Bug in facet control
Remote Events are always raised regardless of raiseRemoteEventParameter
AppendInstanceIdToDirectory attribute is ignored
RemoteEvents do not always contain GUIDs
File indexing filters are not picked up
PageSelector control does not handle negative page or page size requests
Topic name retrieval for topic hierarchies is very inefficient and not implemented in the TopicNode class yet
Quotes are ignored in search queries
Excluding one ore more pages from being indexed
Add support for indexing Dynamic Properties on a page
Exception when publishing a page - DeleteDocuments fails
Filter, exclude and settings for page types in search
Yes no/ checkbox fields are not always indexed as they default to null
Other source indexing architecture
Be able to swap the lucene.net index for SOLR
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Synonym Support
Provide web search stats
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Document / Create hooks for Snowball integration
faceted search controls documentation
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Implement an overloaded Search() method that accepts Lucene.Net.Search.Filter as a parameter
Indexing files of type NativeFile fails
Deleting a directory in EPiServer that contains indexed files won't remove them from the index
File extensions configured for indexing are case sensitive
VirtualPathNativeProvider files are not automatically indexed when uploaded
Start/Stop publish dates are not indexed per enabled language
Issue with ACL
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Scheduler improvement
Configuring files to be indexed is case sensitive
ExpandSynonyms() removes original search terms when searching for a phrase
Search strings that contain quoted phrases and single terms don't get expanded using ExpandSynonyms()
Scheduled job indexes PageFiles twice
Add full support for FindPagesWithCriteria by including all properties
Renamed files use the old filename when reindexed by Episerver event
Instance ID is not appended to index directory in IIS integrated mode
Renaming a directory in a VPP that contains indexed files causes an exception
PageFiles aren't indexed in relation to the published languages of the owning page
Deleting a page from EPiServer using forced delete doesn't remove the page from the index
How to perform case-insensitive search in EasySearch


  • EPiServer 5.1.422.4 or newer

Some parts of EasySearch make use of the EPiServer 5 specific APIs, however back-porting EPiServer 4.x should not be a difficult task.

If you want to change and compile the source code: