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Downloading the EasySearch Module

Latest Release

The latest version of EasySearch is

Registered Users Anonymous Users
EPiServer CMS 6 - CMS 6 R2 Download Download
EPiServer CMS 5 R2 to R2 SP2 Download Download

Extract the contents of this file to a temporary folder and refer to EasySearch Installation Guide.doc.

Note: Since v2.5.0.0 the Page GUID is indexed as primary key and not the Page Link ID. If you are upgrading from a previous version of EasySearch you must re-index your site.

Previous Releases

These are previous releases of EasySearch listing EPiServer compatibility.

Version Download Notes EasySearch-v2.5.7.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5R2 to R2 SP2)
EasySearch-v2.5.7.0-CMS6.zip (Episerver 6) EasySearch-v2.5.6.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5R2 to R2 SP2)
EasySearch-v2.5.6.0-CMS6.zip (Episerver 6) EasySearch-v2.5.5.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5R2 to R2 SP2)
EasySearch-v2.5.5.0-CMS6.zip (Episerver 6) EasySearch-v2.5.4.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5R2 to R2 SP2)
EasySearch-v2.5.4.0-CMS6.zip (Episerver 6) EasySearch-v2.5.3.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 to R2 SP2)
EasySearch-v2.5.3.0-CMS6.zip (EPiServer 6) EasySearch-v2.5.2.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 to R2 SP2) Requires EPiServer 5 R2 or later EasySearch-v2.5.1.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 to R2 SP2) Requires EPiServer 5 R2 or later EasySearch-v2.5.0.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 to R2 SP2) Requires EPiServer 5 R2 or later EasySearch-v2.0.0.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 to R2 SP2) Requires EPiServer 5 R2 or later EasySearch-v1.1.3.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 up to R2 SP1)
EasySearch-v1.1.3.0.zip (EPiServer 5 up to SP3)
Various bug fixes EasySearch-v1.1.2.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 up to R2 SP1)
EasySearch-v1.1.2.0.zip (EPiServer 5 up to SP3)
Various bug fixes EasySearch-v1.1.0.1-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 up to R2 SP1)
EasySearch-v1.1.0.1.zip (EPiServer 5 up to SP3)
Fixes #100, #101, #102, #103 EasySearch-v1.1.0.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 up to R2 SP1)
EasySearch-v1.1.0.0.zip (EPiServer 5 up to SP3)
Various bug fixes EasySearch-v1.0.1.0-R2.zip (EPiServer 5 R2 up to R2 SP1)
EasySearch-v1.0.1.0.zip (EPiServer 5 up to SP3)
Code-reorg and various bug fixes EasySearch-v1.0.0.0.zip (EPiServer 5 up to SP3) Version 1.0, full documentation and better API commentary EasySearch-v0.9.0.0.zip First release for EPiServer CMS 5 up to SP3

Source Code

You can access the source code for EasySearch in several ways:

Checkout the code using TortoiseSVN with the Subversion repository link.

To use this module with full source code, you should download the latest version of the source code and compile it.

The Visual Studio project uses a post build event to help you get the files into your main project. Please read about the post build event script before you compile the project.