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EasySearch Documentation

More thorough documentation is included within the download package but will be available from this page soon.


The installation process is designed to be as simple as possible in order to get users up and running with the minimum of effort.

Installation for EPiServer 5 CMS R2 SP2

The EasySearch downloadable archive file contains a file EasySearch-vx.x.x.x-R2-Install.zip. This is an EPiServer module that should be installed via the EPiServer Deployment Center.

  1. From the EPiServer Deployment Center choose 'Install a Module from a Compressed File'
  2. Select the 'EasySearch-vx.x.x.x-R2-Install.zip from within the download package where 'x' is the version to install.
  3. If you are upgrading an existing installation of EasySearch, deselect the option to 'Apply configuration changes' and click next.
  4. Select the EPiServer site you wish to install EasySearch to and click next.

Verify Installation

To verify that EasySearch has been correctly installed perform the following;

  1. Web.config has:
    • A configuration section declaration: indexconfiguration
    • An <indexconfiguration/> element inside of <configuration>
  2. A new directory named NetworkedPlanet.EasySearch\Lucene\PlugIn\ containing
    • LuceneEasySearchAdminPlugin.aspx
    • EasySearchEditPlugin.ascx
  1. NetworkedPlanet.EasySearch.Demo\SearchPage.aspx in the root of the website.
  1. Three new DLLs in the \bin directory
    • NetworkedPlanet.EasySearch.dll - Main EasySearch library
    • NetworkedPlanet.EasySearch.Lucene.dll - Lucene specific back-end for EasySearch
    • NetworkedPlanet.EasySearch.Demo.dll - Code-behind for the demo SearchPage.aspx
  2. A directory in the root of the website named EasySearchLuceneIndex where the index files are stored.