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User Plug-ins and Utilities

This module contains different plug-ins and utilities for working with users in EPiServer.

You can down.gif download the compiled version and the neccessary runtime files.


The module has the following features.

Change password plug-in

A new tab allowing you to generate a new password to a user, directly from admin mode. The new password is then sent to the user by email.

Change password control

A user control you can include in your templates, to allow a logged on user to change the password. You should put a link to this page in the email sent to users when generating new passwords and the email sent to users that uses the "remember me" control.

Remember me control

Users can request a new generated password sent to an email address. No need to log-in, just enter the email address registered for a user (could also be the username).

See what subscriptions a user has

A new tab showing in edit and admin for a specific user, with information about any registered subsciptions.


EPiServer 4.50 or higher.

Note''' If you're compiling with EPiServer 4.51 or higher, you can add the /define setting called EPISERVER451. The checked in source defines this as EPISERVER450, and will init the smtp server using the old InitSmtpServer call. From 4.51 you can do this with the InitSmtpAuthentication method allowing a secured SMTP server.