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PageTypeUtil Screenshots

The following screenshots are from the PageTypeUtil module. Click the images to see a larger version.

Plugin with Show Pages and Show Available Page Types
Plug-in start page with number of pages, show pages and show available page types

Plugin with Show Available Page Types Expanded
Plug-in start page with show available page types expanded

Added number of pages and workpages. Display id to the pages.
Plug-in start page with number of pages and links to the pages

Admin plug-in showing all page types with links to utilitites.
Plug-in start page

Shows the user interface for importing pre-defined property sets
Importing properties from file

Shows the user interface for copying property definitions from one page type to another
Copy property from one page to another

The import page also has a list of all property types in the system. Helpful when you create your own import files

Listing all property types in the system