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Download PageTypeUtil

Here you can download the compiled version of the Page Type Utility. Find the version you want to download from the Release Notes section below, and then find the corresponding .zip/.epimodule file under Attachments in the bottom of the page. Unzip the file and see the readme.txt file for information about installation and usage.

Release Notes

See the attachment section below for the downloads.

3.0 (CMS 6)

Upgraded to run with EPiServer CMS 6. Download the manager module

2.0 (CMS 5)

Upgraded to run with EPiServer CMS 5, and also adding new functionality. Download the manager module

1.0.2403.25603 (CMS 4)

Carlos da Costa has implemented an export to xml function. It is now much easier to create the xml file used for importing properties on a page type.

  • See ticket:21 for more information on the export functionality
  • Fixed hardcoded urls to /admin
  • The download includes all changes up to and included in revision 82

1.0.2363.40983 (CMS 4)

  • Updated with property sorting for a page type. Never click an up/down arrow again.
  • Requires EPiServer or later.

1.0.2362.22155 (CMS 4)

  • Fixes a problem with plugin loading in 4.60 on .NET FW 1.1 and 2.0
  • Requires EPiServer or later.