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What is new in EPiImage 2.0?

  • Faster scaling of images by using EPiServer.ImageLibrary
  • Images in a gallery can now contain both a description and a link
  • Multiple EPiImageGalleryProperties is now allowed on the same page
  • New user control: EPiImageGalleryGrid
  • You get a warning if you try to delete an image that is in use
  • Lang file support (EN/NO/SV included)
  • Moved optional configuration to web.config
  • Scales PNG to PNG, GIF to GIF and the rest to JPEG
  • Prev/Next buttons when previewing images in a gallery
  • 60% of the codebase rewritten from scratch for better performance and cleaner code
  • Smoother loading when dragging and dropping a folder
  • No longer supports CMS 5 R2, 2.0 is CMS 6 and CMS 6 R2 only.
  • Demo templates only for CMS 6 R2 Alloy
  • New storage format, but is backwards compatible with EPiImage 1.5.

Known issues:

  • Tested without problems in IE 9 and Firefox 4, but not compatible with Chrome (yet, minor issues)
  • Only tested on ASP.Net 3.5