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EPiImage Version History

  • 0.92 BETA: First release on EPiCode
  • 0.93 BETA: Fixed multiple JavaScript bugs affecting edit mode for the EPiImage Property and the EPiImageGallery property.
  • 0.97 BETA: Fixed multiple bugs. Added support for multiple EPiImage properties on a single page.
  • 0.99 BETA: Fixed yet more bugs.
  • 1.00 BETA: Bugfixes. Automatic creation of the scaled folder. Installer. Thanks for contributions by Steve Celius.
  • 1.01 BETA: Bugfixes. Added two demo page types that can be imported from EPiImageDemoPageTypes.episerverdata located in /EPiImage/DemoTemplates/
  • 1.02 BETA: Fixed a bug in one of the demo templates.
  • 1.04 BETA: Added support for EPiServer Composer. Moved jQuery files from Google API to local files.
  • 1.05 BETA: Moved files for flowplayer from flowplayer.org to local files. Fixed CSS bug in the flowplayer. (Used in the EPiImageGallery Viewer)
  • 1.06 BETA: Fixed flowplayer bugs. Fixed EPiImageResizer bug regarding spaces in file names.
  • 1.07 BETA: Fixed misaligned buttons in IE.
  • 1.1: First non beta release. Changed caching from HttpContext.Cache to HttpRuntime.Cache (Ticket #209). Changed logging to Log4Net.
  • 1.2: Fixed bug with ScaleToFill and small images. Now returns original image if not set to Stretch and image smaller than set width and height.
  • 1.5: Drag and drop a file or a folder from the action window to a EPiImageProperty or EPiImageGalleryProperty! (Tested in IE and FF). New EPiImageResizer attributes PageLink and MissingMessage. Bugfixes.
  • 2.0: See the what's new page for details on this release
  • 2.5: Better Page Type Builder support. EPiImageProperty. Value now returns EPiImagePropertyData. EPiImageGalleryProperty. Value now returns EPiImageGalleryImageCollection. Fixed PageLink bug in EPiImageResizer.
  • 2.6: Fix for bug #251
  • 2.7: Fix for bug #255
  • 2.8: Fix for bug #258. Added warning when deleting image used by EPiImage
  • 2.9: Added support for image rotation to EPiImageResizer. Fixes for bug #276 and #274. Added ParseToSelf and ParseToObject. Added [Serializable] attribute to EPiImagePropertyData.
  • 2.9.1: Bug fixes for #259, #282, #289, #293, #301 and #304