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EPiImage Property

The EPiImage Property is very similar to the built in “URL to image” property, but adds the following features:

  • Thumbnail preview of the selected image, not just a meaningless url
  • Click the “i” button to preview the image and add an image description

This is what the EPiImage Property looks like in edit mode if no image is selected. If clicked the normal file selection dialog box is opened.

Once an image is selected a small thumbnail is shown.

If you click the “i” button you will see a bigger preview of the image and you have the possibility to add a description.

How do I start using it?

Simply download the module from EPiCode and install it using EPiServer Deployment Center. (It just copies in a few files, it doesn’t touch your web.config or require a rebuild)

You will now get a new property type called “EPiImage”:

How do I access the property value?

The easiest is just using the string value:

<%= CurrentPage["MyEPiImageProperty"] %>

Please note that this will just give you the image url and not the description text.

To get access to both the image url and description, cast the property to a EPiImageProperty. You can then access the variables ImageUrl and ImageDescription.

<%= (CurrentPage.Property["MyEPiImageProperty"] as 
     MakingWaves.EPiImage.EPiImageProperty).ImageUrl %>
<%= (CurrentPage.Property["MyEPiImageProperty"] as
     MakingWaves.EPiImage.EPiImageProperty).ImageDescription %>

You can also use it as a normal EPiServer property.

<EPiServer:Property PropertyName="MyEPiImageProperty" runat="server" />

This will render a img tag with an alt text if you have added a image description.

You can also get an automatically resized version of the image by specifying width, height and transformation:

<EPiServer:Property PropertyName="MyEPiImageProperty" 
                  runat="server" />

EPiImage Property and EPiImageResizer

To use an EPiImage Property with the EPiImageResizer user control simply specify the PropertyName of a EPiImage Property.

<EPiImage:EPiImageResizer PropertyName="MyEPiImageProperty"
                          runat="server" />

Point of confusion

Most people get this point wrong, so I thought I clear this up: EPiImage Property is NOT EPiImageResizer. In other words: you can use the EPiImageResizer to resize any image, not only EPiImage Property images.The opposite is also true: You don’t need to use EPiImageResizer to display a EPiImage Property. You get an image URL just like you would from the built in “URL to image” property.

That being said: EPiImage Property and EPiImageResizer works really well together :-)