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EPiImage doesn't need any configuration to work, but if you want to for example change the path where the image cache is stored you can do so by modifying web.config:

  <section name="epiimage" type="EPiServer.EPiImage.Code.EPiImageConfiguration" allowLocation="true" allowDefinition="Everywhere"/>
<epiimage scaledImageCacheVPPPath="/Global/Scaled/" jpegQuality="80" cleanUpJobDeleteFilesOlderThan="7"/>


Where the scaled images should be cached. Must be a VPP path. Default: /Global/Scaled/ Putting this somewhere the editors can't access the files is recommended.


The quality setting used when resizing to JPEG. Default: 80


The scheduled job (deactivated by default) will use this setting to delete all the cached images older than X days. Default: 7.