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EPiImage is an award winning, free module that provides image scaling functionality, as well as two new property types: EPiImage Property that extends “URL to image” with a preview, and EPiImageGallery Property that provides a editor friendly way to add pictures to a gallery including drag and drop sorting, drag and drop adding of images from the file action menu (including whole folders), description texts, links etc.

For a quick 2 minute intro to EPiImage check out this video:

It consists of 5 parts:

The resizer provides fast image resizing with caching.

The EPiImageGallery property in edit mode. With drag and drop adding of images straight from the file action menu.

Sample slideshow user control for rendering EPiImageGallery Properties: EPiImage Gallery Viewer

Another sample user control for rendering EPiImageGallery Properties: EPiImage Gallery Grid


See the individual parts for details about functionality and usage.

Current version

The current version is 2.9.1. (File version:


Also available at EPiServer's Nuget feed

EPiImage 1.5 is also available: Works with EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP2 & CMS 6 R1: EPiImage1.5.epimodule


Install the .epimodule file using the EPiServer Deployment Center or from EPiServer's Nuget feed

There are two demo page types available in the /EPiImage/DemoTemplates/ folder. Import the EPiImageDemoPageTypes.episerverdata file to import the page types. Requires EPiServer CMS 6 R2 with the Alloy demo.


No configuration is needed, but some configurations are available. See the configuration page for more information.

Known limitations

  • If the editor changes the image file and doesn't save it with a new file name, the old scaled image will still be cached. Clear the cache in admin using the "EPiImage Cleanup" tool.
  • You can't add an EPiImageProperty or a EPiImageGalleryProperty to a Dynamic Content.


Tickets for this component:

Two EPiImage properties on one page only renders the last one
Remove HttpContext dependency
Prev- next buttons
EPiImage Delete and AltText links
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EPiImage issues
Deserialize issue when using EPiImage with ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty

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Awarded "EPiCode Module of the Year 2010"



  • EPiServer CMS 6 and CMS 6 R2
  • .NET 4

If you want to change and compile the source code:

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • To create the module you need 7-Zip installed (free)

Contributed by

Alexander Haneng (Making Waves)

Want to help?

This module wouldn't be possible without help from the community (see the acknowledgement list further down).

If you like to help please check the list below for what we currently need help with:

  • How does EPiServer trigger the file copy behavior described in bug #257?


  • Thanks to Thomas Leela at EPiNova for adding the drag and drop of files and folders from the action window.
  • Thanks to Jon Espen Kvisler at Prokom for helping with bug #271
  • Thanks to Fredrik Lange at Metamatrix for beta testing v. 2.5
  • Thanks to Sveinung at BV Network for fixing a big bug and providing feedback
  • Thanks to Andreas Knudsen at Forse AS for adding the PageLink attribute to EPiImageResizer
  • Thanks to Steve Celius at BV Network for great feedback, refactoring, improvements, installer etc.
  • Thanks to Mari Jørgensen at BV Network for feedback and beta testing.
  • Thanks to the Making.Common team in Making Waves Poland. I got a lot of inspiration from the MakingWaves.Common.Web.Image control.
  • Thanks to Krzysztof Szczęsny at Making Waves Poland for help implementing the slide functionality used for the EPiImage Gallery Viewer

(If I forgot to add you to this list, please let me know. Thank you for helping out with the module)