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CMS 4 Support

This library contains a custom filesystem for EPiServer CMS 4 where files and directories are stored in an SqlServer 2000/2005 database. This means that you can have all the files in your /upload directory stored in the database instead.

For enterprise solutions, this means that you do not have to syncronize files between servers in a web farm.

Note! There is a newer version of this file system that has been ported to EPiServer CMS 5.


You can:


  • EPiServer 4.50 or higher (does not work on EPiServer CMS 5)
  • SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005


  1. Add the DBFileSystem library project to your solution.
  2. Add a project reference from your EPiServer project to the DBFileSystem project.
  3. Create an new database.
  4. Create tables and stored procedures with the tables.sql and procedures.sql files.
  5. Add the values from the "add to web condfig.txt" file to your projects web.config file.


This code is unsupported, use at your own risk. Use the ticket system if you have questions.