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Table of Contents

  1. Content Generator
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Content Generator

Generate dummy data in EPiServer CMS 5/6/7 for testing purposes, for example large structures of pages and/or blocks to test performance on your templates.

Read this blog posting for the details


  • Templates define the generated structure
  • Windows client application for remote control
  • Can generate millions of pages
  • Support long running jobs and retries
  • Jobs can be paused and then resumed


This project uses the MSBuild Community Tasks under the BSD license.


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Building a new version

A release is made with the included MSBuild script, just open a command prompt in the MSBuild folder of the project and type: MSBuild /t:PackageRelease. The output zip file is found in the sub folder Drop.

Source Code

Browse the source online
Check out source with TortoiseSVN (Requires TortoiseSVN)
Download the source as a .zip file


Tickets for this component:

Support for creating multilingual pages
Support for max/min size on page structures