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Cache Framework for EPiServer

The EPiCode Cache Framework for EPiServer is a collection of base classes and sample query classes to generate PageDataCollections that will be cached for anonymous users.

The framework will handle the caching if you specify a unique key and the code to populate the page collection in the first place.

The cache has a dependency on the EPiServer global page cache, and will empty itself if a page is changed or published.

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  • An easy to use cache framework for you EPiServer CMS sites
  • Will help you cache often used data with little impact on your existing code
  • Helps speed up sites with performance problems
  • Use it to help your site scale


There is no .zip installer for this module, as it is source code that is ment to be placed in your Visual Studio Project, and used from there. See the source code links below to browse, download or check out the source.

Source Code

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Tickets for this component:

Add documentation on how to cache FindPagesWithCriteria



  • The source code is available for CMS 4 and CMS 5.
  • Include the code into your project and compile it there