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Advanced Delete for EPiServer

The advanced delete function is a replacement for the standard EPiServer delete function. The delete page plugs into EPiServer using the "alternate files" function (a function that allows you to implement your own version of an admin or edit mode function). This means the advanced delete overrides the standard delete and is available through the standard menus.

The main advantage of the module is that it can enforce link clean-up before the user is allowed to delete the page. It provides the user with an interface to replace links to the page being deleted, or to remove links to the page.

You can down.gif download the compiled version and the neccessary runtime files.


To see what it looks like, see the EPiServer Downunder blog.


  • Forces link clean-up when deleting pages
  • Replaces links in content with a user selected page
  • Removes links in content


  1. Copy the release files into the root of your EPiServer solution.
    1. "Intergen.EP.AdvancedDelete.dll" to the website bin directory.
    2. "DeletePage.aspx" to the "edit_" directory (create _edit if it doesn't already exist).
    3. "AdvancedDeleteLanguage.xml" to the website "lang" directory.
  2. Enable alternate files by setting the web.config setting "EPfEnableAlternateFiles" to true.


Add a new web.config key called "EPfForceDeletePageLinkCleanup". Set to true to force links to be cleaned up before delete. Set to false to give the user the option to clean up files, but they can ignore and delete if they want.


  • EPiServer 4.60 or higher
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • Visual Studio 2005 for working with the source code