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Added link to new 404 handler


Download the custom 404 handler for EPiServer here. Important! The source code could be newer than the assembled installation package. Working with the source code will ensure you have the latest updates.

For CMS 5 R2 SP 1

down.gif Download ZIP installer module package for EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP1 or newer.


  1. Open EPiServer Deployment Center
  2. Select the version of EPiServer you want to install the module for
  3. Select Install ZIP module
  4. Select the downloaded .epimodule file
  5. Select the site you want to install the module to
  6. Complete the wizard
  7. Configure your site according to the documentation
  8. Test it by opening

For CMS 4

There is no separate download for the runtime files for EPiServer CMS 4. It means you will have to:

Note! You need to be logged in in to download the source code.

  1. Copy the runtime files to your web application (if you download the code, this will be done automatically by the post build script when you compile the code)
  2. Optionally copy the /bvn/filenotfound/notfound.aspx into your Visual Studio site project (change the path)
  3. Set up IIS to redirect 404 errors to url: /bvn/filenotfound/notfound.aspx or your copy of the file
  4. Change the layout and design of the notfound.aspx page to fit your needs.
  5. Add and edit the settings in your web.config file according to the documentation