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Ticket #321 (new question)

Opened 9 years ago

EPiImage Improvements

Reported by: bevan.souster@… Owned by: alexander@…
Priority: major Component: EPiImage
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I was hoping this would reach Alexander Haneng.

We have been using EPiImage on a number of projects, but recently a couple of issues have come up.

On of them is the file versioning issue (known issue) - where if Editors add a new version of an image, then the scaled images aren't updated. I have created a File Event that will delete all scaled images & clear the cache when a new version is added. I am happy to contribute this back to the project.

But my other question is related to the clearing the cache - specifically in a load-balanced environment. EPiImage uses the HttpRuntime.Cache to cache the scaled images which means that any invalidation of the cache will need to be done on each webserver in a load-balanced environment. Ideally it should use the EPiServer.CacheManager to Add / Remove objects from the cache to ensure that this broadcast through Remote Events to the other servers. Was there a reason for this? Otherwise I can update the caching to use the EPiServer.CacheManager to ensure the cache is updated in a web farm.

You can email me at bevan.souster@… to discuss these enhancements.

Kind regards,

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