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Ticket #308 (new defect)

Opened 5 years ago

EPiImageGalleryImageCollection becomes empty after some period of time

Reported by: sergydo@… Owned by: alexander@…
Priority: major Component: EPiImage
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We are experiencing strange issue with EPiImageGalleryImageCollection here are steps to reproduce:

1) Create new or edit an existent page with EPiImage Gallery on it
2) Add few images to the Image gallery
3) Save and Publish page and ensure Image gallery is shown on the Page
4) Check out this page in few hours (can’t tell exact number hours are required before u see the issue, sometimes it even less than one hour)

  1. Image gallery disappears i.e. EPiImageGalleryImageCollection is either empty or null
  1. But the same page works fine from edit mode on the Preview tab

NOTE: the only difference I’ve mentioned so far is url

· In the first case it looks like - /Section/Section-folder/slide-show-test/

· And from edit mode it is like /Section-folder/slide-show-test/?id=452_776&idkeep=True&epslanguage=no


· We are using PageTypeBuilder ( and the gallery property is defined as following:

[PageTypeProperty(SortOrder = 27,

Type = typeof(EPiImageGalleryProperty),

Tab = typeof(ContentTab),

Searchable = false)]

public virtual EPiImageGalleryImageCollection ImageGallery { get; set; }

and here is how we try to read it

var galleryImages = CurrentPage.ImageGallery ?? new EPiImageGalleryImageCollection();

also we’ve tried to read as in the module description but it doesn’t make any difference

var galleryProperty = CurrentPage.Property!ImageGallery? as MakingWaves.EPiImage.EPiImageGalleryProperty

var galleryImages = galleryProperty.GetImages(CurrentPage);

MakingWaves.EPiImage version:
Any ideas on what can be wrong?

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